Sunday, October 13, 2013

Learn How to Burn More Fat and Speed Up Your Workout Results!

What can feel more exciting than stepping on your bathroom scale and seeing those numbers drop when you are determined to lose weight?  Despite being overjoyed that your new dieting efforts are paying off, you still might not be satisfied when you stand naked in front of a full-length mirror.  Nonetheless, you are intent on reshaping your body and ready to begin an exercise program.

Before you begin your workout, there is a way to speed up your body's fat burning ability and get better results from your exercise. Therefore, you need to fuel your body right first before you start. 

Two hours before you hit the gym or do whatever exercise routine you have in mind, you should avoid eating high-glycemic foods like potatoes, white rice, pasta, white breads, and wheat cereals, etc. because they will increase your insulin levels and impede your workout progress.  After all, insulin is what controls how your body burns fat.   Instead, you should eat a low-glycemic, fructose-free meal two hours earlier for more bang from that routine.

You might want to try such low-glycemic foods such as whole grain cereals and bread, lean proteins, nuts, and beans.   Change out that instant oatmeal for old-fashioned cooked oats or quick oats and steer more toward fewer processed cereals or ones that contain about four grams of fiber and barley or bran when it comes to breakfast.  These are just some foods to consider, but a good place to start.

This little adjustment to your dieting plan will help you get firmer to sculpt your body the way you like it.