Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stylist Secrets to Keep Hair Fabulous!

Stylist hair care tricks that can help you get gorgeous results.

If anyone knows how to keep hair gorgeous, it is your stylist.  However, beautiful hair doesn't have to come with a high price.  Keeping your mane shiny and healthy can be done at home so I hope you take these suggestions to heart.

Fine Hair Care Tips to Keep It Stronger and Healthy

The first tip will really help those with fine hair or prone to frizzing.  If this describes you, then you should stop towel-drying after shampooing.  This vigorous friction weakens your hair and brings on the problem.  Instead, you should try using a more absorbent paper towel and delicately wring the water from your hair.  Your strands will thank you.

Spray bobby pins with dry shampoo first before sticking in your hair when pinning up will prevent less breakage.   Once treated, they will slip in more smoothly and grip better.  Try this method on barrettes and hair ornaments also to reduce tugging and potential damage.

How to Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant Longer

Anyone that keeps wondering why their hair may look drab and lack that vibrant color it had needs to read this next tip carefully.  Believe it or not, the water you shampoo your hair with can alter the color since it may contain chlorine, minerals, and even a bit of rust from your pipes that can be absorbed by the cuticle.   A good idea is to look into getting a shower filter at your hardware store.  This purchase could make a big difference in minimizing any discoloration.

Hair can be dull also by how much shampoo you are using.  Too much can be hard to rinse out and be coating your hair.  Measure out no more than the size of a quarter in the palm of your hand instead of pouring. 

Handling Hair That Is Harder to Style Than Normal

Here's something interesting to try if your hair has been harder to style than usual.  Misbehaving hair may be caused by clogged hair follicles from a build-up of products.  This might be the time to use a clarifying shampoo.  Getting rid of that heavy gunk may even help in speeding up the growth of your hair.

A weekly treatment of using an astringent may also solve the hair product build-up problem.  Take a cotton ball with some astringent, dab on your scalp, and then shampoo could keep everything under control.

The same rule of thumb applies to how often you use deep protein conditioners or treatments because overuse can harm your hair more than help.  Just like any heavy product build-up, too much protein will suffocate those follicles and result in dry, brittle hair, if done more than every two months. 

You don't need to use hair products all from the same line.  You can mix the expensive with inexpensive lines without any problems to your hair.  Your hair will be your guide. 

A Trick for Dealing With Flyaways

This final tip is a wonderful solution to cope with those horrible flyaways.  All you need is to pour a little lotion in the palm of your hand and then start smoothing.

Do try these tips and you will love your hair again!