Thursday, November 7, 2013

Give Your Skin the Royal Treatment--Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter (Review) #PerlierOnHSN

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Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter.jpeg
Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Silky, velvet-like skin doesn't come by itself.  You need to bring it on by coddling every inch of your body with the richest emollients to help it thrive.  An excellent choice for you may be Perlier's Imperial Honey Body Butter that I had the opportunity to try through iFabbo.

What makes this product so amazing for nourishing your skin is the unique honey from African black bees along with royal jelly, producing a luxurious, intensively moisturizing body butter.  This product was beautifully absorbing without leaving any greasy film on my skin, which I appreciated.  

Luscious feeling as that was, my skin felt extremely pampered and soft besides nicely scented with a complicated fragrance that borders on an oriental woody blend along with gourmand traits of that dark honey, adding a yummy chocolate element  that has warmth and a certain mystery.

I couldn't have been more pleased with Perlier's Imperial Honey Body Butter because it had incredible hydration power and a soft sensual scent that managed to linger.  A huge 6.7 oz. jar retails for $40 on HSN.  However, you can save $5.00 off that purchase of #PerlierOnHSN  when you use coupon code iFabbo5 at checkout.  

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free product was provided to facilitate this review.*