Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot Holiday Male Fragrance Gift--NEW Guess Night Fragrance Set for Men (Review)

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Guess Night Fragrance Set for Men.jpeg
Guess Night for Men Fragrance Set

Ladies, if you're still coming up empty-handed on what fragrance your guy might like this holiday season, then Guess Night for Men that launched this Fall, 2013 from perfumers, Antoine Lie and Francis Kurkdjian, may be just the sexy, but modern male scent to please you both.  This warm woody fragrance has an exciting youthful edge that is bursting with a confident energy and underlying sensuality that are very appealing.

The top notes of hot pepper and elemi make for a dynamic peppery opening charged with freshness from sparkling grapefruit.  The unstoppable energy and daring as those notes merge into their own are instantly apparent.  

The heart is where this fragrance becomes deep and seductive with warmth from cedar and vetiver.  You can already pick up the heat, but it is the geranium that brings sophistication to its bold confidence.  

The fragrance dries down with such fuzzy finesse from base notes of patchouli, labdanum, and black vanilla that ends just like a soft and sweet, sexy invitation that a woman can't say no to.  

I do not consider this a unisex fragrance that you will want to borrow, ladies, but I do think it is one very hot male fragrance that definitely should be on your radar when holiday gift shopping for your man.

The Guess Night Fragrance Set can solve your male fragrance dilemma so do look into this great gift.   This includes a Guess Night for Men Eau de Toilette Spray (3.4 oz.), After Shave Balm (2.5 oz.), Shower Gel (2.5 oz.), and Deodorant Body Spray (4 oz.) for a real value with a suggested price of $68!  Trust me, but you both will love this choice!

Guess Night for Men Fragrance Set Boxed.jpeg
Guess Night for Men Fragrance Set, Boxed

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