Monday, December 30, 2013

Love Your Winter Cap, But Hate Flat, Frizzy Hair?

Keeping warm is important, but so keeping your style intact instead of flat.

The only solution for keeping warmer in frigid temperatures is to cover your head.  Even though a cute woolen cap can be the perfect outdoor accessory, it can crush your hairstyle and leave you with a head of static electricity once you take it off.  So what is a girl to do to keep hair beautiful without giving up her fashionable collection of caps, scarves, and other winter hats that press hair down?  

One of the most important things is to keep hair regularly trimmed at least every eight weeks.  By doing so, you will help hair bounce back into shape once removing that cap. 

Without adequate moisture, winter hair can frizz and become full of static.  Make it a habit to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep it hydrated.  Healthier hair looks better and can be more resilent to keep that style intact. 

You might want to try applying styling creams and serums only on the ends of your hair when wearing that cap for a length of travel time to best avoid a flat, greasy look.  

When in a rush to blow-dry hair, you need to dry it completely to make sure that hair behaves.  Any missed section of damp hair can cause it to later bump up and create a funny hump on your head once you take your hat off.  

As you apply your hand lotion or body lotion, you might want to rub a tiny bit of what was left over your hair.  This little trick does help combat static electricity.  

In fact, you will never need to worry about static cling again if you rub some lotion on your pantyhose and slip in the winter before dressing.  Keep some lotion at work and reapply later when you start to cling again will stop it.

Believe it or not, a sheet of a fabric softener rubbed over your hair works to smooth that static problem as well. 

If all else fails and you are not satisfied and need more volume, try this little trick.  Turn your head upside and spray with a volumizing hair spray. Then shake out the hair as it begins to dry before flipping it back in shape. 

Here's to staying warm and keeping your hair amazing with just a few tweaks to your normal routine!