Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Serious Dry Hair Rescue--DS Laboratories Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner (Review)

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DS Laboratories Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.jpeg
Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

When DS Laboratories reached out and asked if I would be willing to review some of their products, I was immediately intrigued by the premise of how their technically advanced formulas were designed to work and had to say yes.  The products that I wanted to start with were their Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and test out that next-generation nanosome technology for myself to see how much better they hydrated, repaired, strengthened, and protected dry hair like mine.

This color-safe shampoo and conditioner use rare botanicals including hydrolyzed phyto-proteins and amphoteric amino acids that go deeper into the hair shaft of the strands themselves.  Instead of just coating the outer surface of the hair, their clinically proven formula can penetrate the cortex for real change.

I put my dry, thick hair through a lot by coloring and excessive heat from blow-drying and styling irons in the name of beauty.  Restoring lasting luster and brittleness is a constant battle that I take seriously like the current damaged condition of my hair.  Now was the perfect time to see what this hydrating duo was capable of because I am getting over a bit of a virus that did a real number on my hair to dull and dry it out even more.  

As I lathered up, I noticed the Nia Helio Shampoo has a pleasant, light fragrance, which appealed to me.  It also rinsed out well before I towel-dried and applied about a nickel-sized amount of the conditioner.  The products are meant to be used together for the best results.  

According to the directions, you can leave the conditioner on from one to five minutes.  With the pitiful shape my hair was in, I opted for the full minutes before rinsing.

Wow, what a difference I saw and felt once my hair was dry.  Suddenly what was on my head looked healthy again.  It was shiny and soft against my fingers once I started playing with it.  Yes, yes, yes, Mary B., had pretty hair back--and Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner brought it back!

I was so hyped that I wanted to put the products to the ultimate test--seeing how they handled softening a head of coarse, wiry dry hair.  Therefore, I urged my mother to try the set next.  Since products never seem to transform the condition of her hair to the degree she would like, we kept our fingers crossed.  

I must admit the DS Laboratories duo did do a nice job of giving my mother more manageability and added softness than I have seen in quite a while.  She really liked it as well and has now confiscated the products for herself.

Anyone with a severe dry hair problem needs Nia Helio Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner because it does a remarkable job.  You heard it here from me, Mary B., and seconded by my mother.  For more information, visit DS Laboratories or to learn where to buy here.