Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh and Chic--L'Occitane en Provence's Eau Spontanée Cologne (Review)

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L'Occitane's Eau Spontanée Cologne.jpeg
L'Occitane's Eau Spontanée Cologne

Freshness never smelled so sweet as it does when L'Occitane en Provence's Eau Spontanée Cologne hits the air.  Now that Spring is here and Summer ahead, this limited edition fruity-floral from their Eaux de Provence Collection, is an ideal choice with its uplifting airy feel.

This lovely fragrance opens bright and energetically with sparkling citrus bursts of bergamot and nectarine along with a sweeter fruity note of the pomegranate.  As this happy scent develops and warms in the heart, the rose petals that lie just beneath juicy notes of currant awaken to beautiful life.  What is left is a powdery rose shower falling on the ripe fruit that is so feminine and romantic.  The effect is soft, but a dazzling elegance that beams with warm inner appeal. The base is intriguing.  As the fragrance dries down, it begins to slowly seduce with notes of cedar and sensual musk that captivates.  

Wearing Eau Spontanée lifted my spirits with its powerful bright energy.  As a result, I loved this cologne.  The only thing that I did not love was the 10.1 oz. bottle was in splash form instead of spray.  

Regardless, I continue to adore Eau Spontanée and suggest it as a fitting fragrance for the warm weather.  You can find the 10.1 oz. cologne ($52) and the 1.7 oz. ($30) on L'Occitane en Provence.  Do look for it!