Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Right Brushes Matter When You’re Striving for Makeup Perfection!

Just because you bought a new set of high-quality makeup brushes does not mean that you have all you need for creating your best work with your cosmetics.  What can make a true difference in helping you achieve perfection is the type of bristle that you are using for each individual task.

For instance, those luxurious natural bristles (sable, goat, pony, or squirrel) are meant for using with powder-based cosmetics like blush, powder, and eye shadow since their softer bristles are better for blending for a more natural look.

On the other hand, brushes with synthetic bristles are what you want for using with your cream concealers, gel liners, and lip products.  That extra bit of stiffness in the bristle gives you more accurate control when applying.

Do look at your tools and consider the brushes you have and the ones you need because your face can only benefit!