Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are You Giving Your Skin Care Products Enough Time to Work?

Are you constantly changing your skin care regime because you’re not seeing any real improvements? If this sounds like you, then the product itself may not necessarily be to blame. The real truth is that you may not have been using that product long enough since some lines take longer than others depending on their formulas before you’ll notice changes.

For instance, some anti-aging lines can take up to three months before you’ll notice a difference. 

Acne products show results faster.  Sometime, this type of skin care may take anywhere from six weeks to three months.

On the other hand, skin-lightening products can be extremely slow working.  On an average, these products can take about six to twelve months of use before the bleaching effect is thoroughly realized.

Regardless of any recommended time there is something to keep in mind.  Stop using a product immediately if you develop redness, a rash, itching, or any swelling because it signals an allergy.  In fact, you can become allergic to products that you use faithfully at any time so be careful.