Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Makeup Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss to Look More Rested After Partying All Night!

New Year’s Eve parties and all that celebrating while fun can take a toll on your face when you look at yourself the next morning.  Instead of trying to avoid everyone or hiding behind a pair of dark sunglasses, I have some makeup tips to give you a more rested look.

Instead of letting tiredness show, these tips can help.

Since your eyes are far from your best feature today, you’ll find that softness over more dramatic eye makeup is the key to pulling off a dazzling, bright-eyed look.

An eye cream with caffeine can help with some puffiness.  I do recommend starting with that type of eye cream followed by curling your lashes.  This will open up and widen your eyes when you need it the most. 

You should avoid using dark or black eyeliners now.  Instead, you should try lining with some color like blue or green, which works better to liven up your eyes. 

In order to pull off purple, it would need to have some blue tones to it.  A shade like a red-plum would only call attention to the red in your eyes.

To help counteract those red lines in the white of your eyes, get a nude eyeliner pencil–not a white color and line the inner rim.   This trick never fails to freshen up the appearance of your eyes.

Avoid bold or dark eye shadows now.  Something you should try is a shimmery sweep of a taupe or a champagne color over your lids instead.  The subtle color and delicate gleam will work better.

Don’t be heavy handed with mascara today.  Give yourself a light coat only and focus more attention elsewhere today.

A concealer with light-reflecting particles can make a big difference to eyes but also to your entire face.  This concealer helps more because it can redirect light as well as hide the darkness.  The important thing to remember is strategic placement of working the concealer under the eyes but also into the inner corners and up the sides of your nose.

Be sure to apply your foundation to even out your complexion since it may be off today. Use a sheer, but dewy foundation or one with light-reflecting pigments to do the trick because you want to keep your look fresh, but light.

As to a blusher, I suggest staying away from dark shades at this time and opt for a brighter shade of pink or peach.  Look for one with a hint of gold for instant radiance.  

Happy New Year!