Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here’s a Wonderful Home Remedy for Minor Burns Worth Remembering

Since my hands are always pulling out a tray of something or another from a hot oven, I do have a knack of burning myself.  Besides running cold water over the burn or applying a cold compress or ice,  I have tried quite a few over the counter products to help with the pain.  Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to do much of anything except cost money.  

Aloe vera is something wonderful for soothing burns at least for many people.  However, when I tried breaking a piece of my plant and rubbing some of that sticky aloe vera gel directly on my burn, it turned my skin black where it was applied.  The strange part is I can use aloe vera as an ingredient in many skin care products without any reaction.

Then I heard about using lavender essential oil for this purpose.  At first, I was skeptical of applying any essential oil directly to my skin without the protection of a carrier oil until I learned lavender is the only essential oil that you can safely use that way.  Anyway, I bought a bottle because knowing my talent for attracting burns, I thought it would get used for this or in another homemade skin care recipe soon enough.  

As fate would have it, I was baking pizza the other day when I burned myself again.  After running some cold water over it, I remembered that lavender essential oil.  I dropped several drops over the area before an amazing thing happened.   My pain was diminished and that burn didn’t look as red.  

I hope that you don’t share this particular talent.  Nonetheless, if you get a burn, I just wanted to share this lavender essential oil burn remedy with you because it worked very well for me.