Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Keep Your Beautiful Outfits With Zippers Problem Free!

Sometimes, outfits with zippers can be frustrating.  Have you noticed they can stick and partially go up and down or refuse to budge no matter how hard you struggle at it?  Then again, those sneaky zippers can appear to work only to slowly undo the metal closure, which is just as annoying.  To make matters worse, zipper problems always seem to affect the outfits that you love the most.  Therefore, I have two fabulous zipper fixes that will save you from wanting to retire that gorgeous outfit from your wardrobe.

The next time the zipper sticks and is giving you a hard time to work, I will let you in on a secret that a seamstress friend shared with me.  Get a candle and rub both sides of that zipper’s metal closure.  The candle wax coats the metal so it rides up and down with ease.

As to that problem of the zipper locking that slowly comes undone, I have a different trick that works quite well.  Here’s what you do.  Zip up that item first.  Then I want you to  take your hair spray and spritz the closure.  After you sprayed enough, unzip that piece and slowly zip it back again so it can set.  I know this one sounds strange, but it is a wonderful way to save yourself from the need to replace a zipper or ditch the item.

I hope your zippers don’t give you any problems.  But if they do, then I’m sure these zipper fixes will come in handy to keep you smiling.