Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Keep Your Hands From Those Visible Signs of Aging!

Youthful looking hands only add to your beauty.  

We all want to keep our hands as youthful as possible.  After all, we don’t want them to betray our age. Therefore, here are some simple tips to protect that thin and extremely delicate skin on the back of your hands.  Incorporating all or even of few of these things will help your hands look better, longer.

You might want to start by caring for your hands with sunscreen just as you do your face every morning. Keep a tube or bottle of at least one with an SPF 30 in your handbag or at work and remember to reapply it through your day before going outdoors.

If you already have some brown age spots, then there is no time to waste.  Sunscreen is a must because that hyperpigmentation will only become darker without it.  Apply the product every two hours when you find yourself in direct sun can save your hands considerably more damage.

You can also try fading those brown sunspots with fresh lemon juice, leaving it on for about two or three minutes before rinsing. The best time to do this lightening is at night because the citrus contains a substance that can cause darkening when in contact with sunlight.  A glycolic acid or some form of scrub that will help exfoliate some of that darkness in the skin can also help the area.

Every time your hands come in contact with water, do moisturize them with your favorite hand lotion or cream.  Your well-hydrated skin will look less wrinkly because the fresh application of lotion or cream lubricates and also plumps the skin.

Wearing rubber, vinyl, or latex free gloves when you need to put your hands in dishwater also will help.  If you do have sensitivity to rubber gloves and find it irritates your hands as it does mine and so many others, it could be due to latex.  You might want to try the vinyl or the latex free variety.

Another thing that ages hands is the condition of our nails.  Try keeping the bottle of cuticle oil out in plain view on your vanity or dressing table and remember to use it twice a day.  

Our nails can become weaker as we age.  Stop using them as a handy “tool” to open boxes, peel off stickers, letters or for other household tasks that can cause them to break or split.  Instead, use a real “tool” like a  letter opener or improvise with another-–just not your nails to do that job.

If you like to get a professional manicure, I suggest taking your own tools with you.  This will save the nails from risk of any possible infection.