Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Home Hair Coloring Trick You’ll Want to Try for Better Coverage of Stubborn Grays!

Hair stylist and client.jpeg
A  salon tip that really works for better color delivery.

If you have been having trouble covering some grays when coloring your hair at home, then I have a suggestion that may help.  Have you ever wondered why hair stylists use brushes when they color hair at the salon?  The reason is because a tint brush can drive the color into the strands far better than the nozzle of a bottle with your hair color.  

Therefore, pick up one of those inexpensive brushes (which are less than two dollars) at a beauty supply store before you next hair coloring.

What you do is start jabbing at the roots as you are coloring.  This bit of force is opening up the cuticle layer in the process for better saturation.  

I hope you try this because it is a fantastic solution for a frustrating problem of resistant grays!