Friday, October 16, 2015

Review: Mineral Fusion Illuminating Primer

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Mineral Fusion Illuminating Primer.jpeg
See how this Mineral Fusion Illuminating Primer gently glows even in its jar.   

Having a moist, youthful glow to your skin always helps knock off a few years from any face.  After all, when that healthy vibrance shines through, the complexion seems transformed and features look more refreshed. Therefore, I was curious how Mineral Fusion’s Illuminating Primer would perform.

This primer has a unique natural formula, infused with 24 karat gold flecks for better illumination. It also has plenty of natural antioxidants, orange fruit oil, and collagen-boosting peptide for its brightening and anti-aging benefits.  In keeping with Mineral Fusion’s sense of product purity, it also does not have any parabens, artificial color, talc, fragrance or phthaltaes that might be problematic to your health.
After I applied some of this primer, my skin felt wonderfully hydrated with a delicate shimmer when you looked at yourself from different angles.  It illuminated my face with such becoming softness that was very appealing and natural.  This primer also left my complexion utterly smooth to make for the perfect canvas for my foundation.

My list of products that I love from Mineral Fusion grows all the time.  Their Illuminating Primer ($28.99) is just another excellent find if you ask me.  Find it at Whole Foods or at Mineral Fusion’s website.