Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review: Two Spook-tacular Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Shades for Halloween Beauty

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Sally Hansen logo.jpeg
Sally Hansen

This Halloween you may want to dress up your nails to fit the occasion like experimenting with some excellent choices that I have here from Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel line.  The particular two shades that I am referring to are #300 Electra-cute and #460 Blacky O that showed up at my door.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel #460 Blacky O Nail Polish.jpeg
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel #460 Blacky O Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel #300 Electra-Cute Nail Polish.jpeg
 Miracle Gel #300 Electra-Cute
With #460 Blacky O, you can choose the dramatic route and flaunt intense black nails and tempt with your mysterious, dark allure.   However, if it’s fun that you’re after, then a festive pumpkin-orange of #300 Electra-cute with a playful vibe is an ideal choice for you.

PR also sent along a bottle of the second step in the gel manicure process with their #101 Top Coat.  This is wonderful to follow up with to seal in this longer lasting color’s shine so you can forget the need to use a light.

Do head to wherever you buy Sally Hansen and remember these two spook-tecular colors of Miracle Gel Nail Polish this Halloween or just anytime you want those nails to get a second look!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish #300 Electra-Cute swatch.jpeg
Here I am wearing #300 Electra-Cute