Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Korres Vanilla Freesia Eau de Parfum

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Korres Vanilla Freesia Eau de Parfum.jpeg
Korres Vanilla Freesia Eau de Parfum

I have sampled some wonderful skin care and scented body care products from Greek brand, Korres, but wasn’t aware they had perfumes until PR kindly sent one along with their Vanilla Freesia Eau de Parfum Spray.  Let me tell you that if you gravitate toward oriental vanilla fragrances, then you would love the captivating sweet flower power in this one.

The scent opens with bergamot and tea for an exotic start that soon gives way to heavier, sweeter notes of fruits and floral in the heart.  

As lychee, peach, freesia, jasmine and sandalwood heat and blend, the fragrance has a thick gourmand like sweetness against an explosion of floral, which adds mystery as well as velvety allure to this romantic scent.  
Spiked with notes of vanilla, patchouli and creamy musk in the base, it warms deliciously into a light seductive vanilla that is sultry as well as surprisingly soft in its beautiful embrace.

Those that are drawn to vanilla or oriental fragrances would especially be attracted to Korres Vanilla Freesia and its undeniable magnetism.  If this sounds like you or anyone on your holiday gift list, then I highly recommend getting a bottle ($38.50) at Sephora.