Thursday, December 31, 2015

DIY Beauty Recipe: A Super Nail Conditioner That You Are Going to Love!

Hand with red fingernails.jpeg
Beautiful nails don't just happen. At times, you need to give them a hand to keep them thriving.

With all the abuse we put our nails through during normal activities, not to mention manicure products, it is no wonder that they can dry and become brittle.  If you’re looking to keep your nails healthy, then it is important to keep them regularly conditioned. 

The recipe that I want to share with you came to me from an excited friend that said I had to try this because it was the best thing she ever did for her nails.  Let me tell you that once I mixed up a batch and starting using, I also thought it was awesome for helping suffering nails. 

I do hope that you give it a shot because you really will be surprised at the way your nails will respond.

Homemade Super Nail Conditioner 

3/4 tablespoon of argan oil
3/4 tablespoon of grape seed oil
½ teaspoon of almond oil
½ teaspoon of olive oil
½ tablespoon of lemon juice
½ tablespoon of honey
1 drop of geranium essential oil

Mix together and keep in a clean, small bottle and store in your refrigerator.  

Apply to the nails with a cotton ball.  Then be sure to rub this oil mix in your nails well.  Use as often as you want.