Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another Makeup Trick You’ll Love to Know When You Use Too Much Powder Blush or Bronzer

blushes and brush.jpeg
We learn by our mistakes, but if you can avoid them even better!

Though it is never intentional, makeup blunders happen.  I have made more makeup mistakes than I like to admit, but we do learn by them.  Earlier, I shared an easy way to tone down too strong cheeks when using powder blushes or bronzers with this great blush adjusting tipToday, I want to fill you in on another way that I also found helpful, especially if you hate using too much loose face powder.  

However, it does require having extra clean brushes ready.  All that you need to do is to grab a clean blush or powder brush and take it to where all the heavy pigment landed.  Dust some off and then grab a tissue or clean washcloth and wipe as much of the blush or bronzer as you can off.  Keep on swiping a second time into a fresh tissue or clean section of the washcloth to further lighten your mistake.  You can do as many swipes with that brush to mop what you need until you get the desired effect!