Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to Do Your Eye Makeup to Compensate for Bloodshot Eyes!

bloodshot eyes.jpeg
Learning to use color to contrast can be an ideal solution. 
For those times when you wake up to scare yourself with red, irritated eyes due to allergies, illness or simply  partying too hard, your first impulse might be to reach for eye drops like Visine to constrict the blood vessels.  Since this happens to be an ocular decongestant, it will help get the red out for the immediate future.  

However, frequent use of such an ocular decongestant puts you at risk for rebound redness.  Instead, a wiser course of action is easing your eyes with lubricant eye drops and using eye makeup to counteract the problem.

What else that you can do is take advantage of offsetting the remaining redness with navy liner and mascara, a color that seems to make the whites brighter.

Lining the inner lids can also help distract from those red lines.  Some people swear by white eye liner pencil, but I think a nude eye liner is a better choice for that brightening.

As to shadows, go with light shimmery neutral shades without any hints of red, pink or purple tones that will only do the opposite and play up that redness.  

For more helpful makeup tips when partying too long, I hope you read my earlier post.