Monday, December 12, 2016

A Makeup Tip to Make Your Sleep-Neglected Eyes Look More Awake!

tired brown eye.jpeg
This makeup tip can help open up the eye, providing more of a round shape, which helps your cause.

There are some days when you practically stumble out of bed.  Regardless of how sleep-deprived your eyes may look, but there is a way to help them to look more awake.

The first step after washing is splashing some cold water on your face to stimulate circulation and initially revive you.  Then you should try this mascara trick because it can further widen those eyes for you.

What you do is apply your mascara and concentrate your efforts on the middle lashes rather than the outer corners.  Load up several coats in this way does help sleepy eyes appear more open.  At the same time, this mascara technique even seems to help the eyes appear a bit more round in their shape.