Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rimmel 24HR Volume Flash Super Speed Mascara Review

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Rimmel 24HR Volume Flash Super Speed Mascara.jpeg
The zigzag design of this brush helps fill out more lashes.

My eyes are precious to me.  Therefore, one product that I make sure to replace frequently is mascara to protect them from any contamination that may have accumulated through use.  In fact, I was about to buy new mascara when Rimmel sent a tube of their new 24HR Volume Flash Super Speed for my review.

This is a gel-like formula with a quick fix polymer that is advertised to build up lash volume without clumping in one swipe.  It comes with a zigzag brush of soft bristles around its curved design to help accomplish the task.

This mascara also has a decent texture that you can work with of not being too dry or wet for application that helps the process. I found that the brush was helpful in coating from the roots to the tip of the lashes quite nicely. 

Take your time to coat if you intend for the best looking coverage.  Of course, you may be tempted to give it another coat to balance it since some spots may receive less mascara than others with just one swoop. Though my lashes didn’t look gaudy with brittle spikes when I tried two coats, I feel they were more natural and fuller looking without overdoing it. 

For inexpensive drug store mascara, I think you would be pleased with it–-that is, if you are want more definition and fullness over exaggerated bold lashes.  If so, then do check out Rimmel 24HR Volume Flash Super Speed Mascara when you shop.

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