Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to Reduce Your Risk of Eye Irritation When Selecting Eye Creams for Those With Sensitive Eyes!

sad blue eye.jpeg
The form of skin care that you select for the eye area should be thought out carefully.

When your eyes are sensitive and have a tendency to get irritated from allergies or from a health condition such as dry eyes, it can spoil both your day and appearance.  Before you know it, those eyes can change from beautiful to inflamed with redness, itching and an avalanche of tears.  Therefore, I thought you would appreciate how you might better steer clear of possible eye irritation when selecting skin care products for the delicate under eye area.

Instead of heavier eye creams, I suggest starting out with a lighter consistency serum.  The reason a serum is a better bet against risking irritation is because it won’t sit on top of the skin as long as a faster absorbing, thinner serum.  Of course, your eyes could still react to any ingredient in a serum as much as the cream, but you’ll have less chance of accidentally touching that eye product like an unabsorbed cream since it already sunk into the skin.

Another consideration that makes a huge difference is avoiding eye skin care products that have fragrances. Fragrance so close to your eyes is unnecessary.  Look for eye products without fragrance, which is a safer bet from stirring up trouble.

If you’re also tempted to use your current facial anti-aging cream or moisturizer, I strongly advise against it. Those products are not meant for the eye area since they may be too harsh with ingredients to exfoliate and encourage cell turnover, a bad move considering the frail, thin skin of your under eye area.  With that said, an eye serum for those with sensitivities is my recommended way to go.