Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to Shop for the Best Fitting Jeans to Make Less of a Tummy Or Heavy Thighs!

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When you have figure flaws, these jean buying tips can help before hitting the dressing room.

How many of us can say we have the perfect figure?  I wish that I could say I was one of them, but I have my problems areas just like a lot of other women.  Therefore, you need to find some ways to minimize body flaws and play up your best parts.  Here’s my downsizing strategy when jean shopping to bringing home the best fitting pair that will hide ample thighs or a tummy.  

To compress the tummy, you need to try on a pair with a strong, easy to zip fly that will smooth over any bulge when you close it.  A weaker-closing zipper fly can tug material and emphasize the tummy that you’re trying to hide.

Besides considering a pair with a wider waistband with either a classic or high rise, you also might find jeans that zip in the back could be useful in camouflaging a stomach.

Think carefully before falling in love with a pair with front pockets.  Though as cute as they may be, this is extra material that with its thickness will only draw eyes toward the problem.  To make it worse, front pockets that are embellished will call even more attention--and not the kind that you want.

As to disguising heavy thighs, I suggest trying on a pair with a tapered outside seam to help fool the eye.  

Another big thigh tip is working around jean color itself.  Check out those distressed or faded ones that have patchy color at the center of the leg with darker sides.  This design elongates and helps slim the leg.

Speaking of color, it helps to remember that dark recedes.  Black or the darkest blue jeans are the way to go to make both legs and a tummy look more svelte.  

With these simple jean buying tips that I’ve shared, you might feel less exhausted trying on so many pairs and instead come home with the perfect new jeans!     

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