Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Beauty Stash You Should Keep at Your Workplace!

woman at office.jpeg
Keeping on top of your game by never letting your look suffer can give you extra confidence.

Regardless of what you do, it’s important to keep your look fresh and polished whether for last minute staff meetings, client appointments, unexpected trips to the bosses’ office, dealing with the public to that big lunch that could move you further up the career ladder.  The few minutes that you take to touch up your makeup during your work day can make you feel better about your appearance and build your confidence so you make the best impression at all times.  Therefore, your desk or locker should contain some workplace beauty essentials that can help keep you on top of your game.

Inside a clear plastic container with a locking lid that fits into your desk drawer or locker, you might want to start with small bottle of hand sanitizer, a package of travel-size tissues, oil-blotting tissues, sample sizes of moisturizer, hand cream, and hair spray. You also might want to throw in  lip balm, a small bottle of rose water, and a handy comb and brush. 

Next, it’s good to add an extra lipstick that’s sexier than your usual day shade that you carry in your makeup bag to this container along with a more dramatic eye shadow, eye liner pencil,  and a perfume rollerball to use just in case you discover that you have dinner plans.  

Don’t forget about the tools you need.  Keep a zip-lock plastic bag to hold a few makeup brushes and a sharpener.  

With a little preparation, your beauty will never falter even through a stressful day at your workplace!