Sunday, April 9, 2017

Useful Skin Care Tips You Should Take to Heart If You Have an Oily Complexion!

My skin used to get quite oily, especially around the T-zone.  If you have an oily complexion, you know the story of how often you would be washing your face and scrubbing just to feel clean. However, I wasn’t helping the problem by what I was doing.  Therefore, I even went a step further and always followed up with a deep cleaning product.

Of course, I thought I needed more cleaning power to zap up that oil.  My belief was a strong cleaner with ingredients such as menthol or mint that you apply with a cotton ball could more thoroughly solve the problem after and in between washing my face.  

I assumed that slight tingling feeling that followed was because that cleaner was working deep into the pores, but it was a sign of irritation.  That tingling was my skin crying out in protest. Instead of improving my skin’s situation, I was overstimulating it enough to trigger more oil, not less with washing it too often and using deep cleaners that produced that refreshing sort of feeling. 

Learn by my example.  Don’t wash your face so often or trust the feel of those refreshing deep cleansers working for your skin’s benefit.  Ingredients to be wary of also are eucalyptus or any cleaner with SD or denatured alcohol.

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