Sunday, May 7, 2017

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubard & Rose Bath & Shower Gel Review--A Yummy Way to Spend Time in the Tub!

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Delicious Rhubard & Rose is a delectable scent that you'll want to spend time with.

Those that are dieting may want to consider another scent of bath and shower gel for spending time within their bath.  The reason is that Molton Brown’s Delicious Rhubard & Rose has such a yummy fruity-floral fragrance that you might not be able to resist heading to the kitchen afterwards.

As soon as you flip that cap, you get a fresh whiff of slightly bitter rhubard and the bright juicy notes of mandarin and yuzu fruit.  Yet, once you start lathering up with this moisturizing pink gel, the rose note kicks in to sweeten up this delicious bathing recipe, toning the tartness back.  The more you linger and wash, the more that you’ll detect the underlying sexy musk note emerges, which is so appealing.

Sudsing up with its sugared bubbles is a delight to the senses and offers a beautiful escape once you’re in the tub or shower.  If you love a fruity-floral aroma or are thinking of a nice one for that special lady as a Mother’s Day gift, this product from Molton Brown can please.  My advice is check out this Bath & Body Gel ($30) and the entire Delicious Rhubard & Rose line!

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