Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blemish Cover Up Tricks That Won’t Leave You in the Lurch!

woman with flying hair.jpeg
This beauty was sadly contemplating what to do about this problem until she found this helpful concealing tip.

Have you ever noticed that blemishes always seem to pop up when you have something important planned? Maybe it is the stress or anxiety of the event that influences hormones to do this nastiness to our faces. I just know it is really upsetting when you need to look your absolute best and that blemish spoils it.

In an earlier post, I shared what I used to do for concealing when this problem would happen to me. However, I forgot to mention something important that can also help better cover up that fresh pimple.

If you were the habit of priming first before concealing, then you may want to stop using that primer in the area when your face is under blemish attack.  The reason you may to avoid facial primer near that spot when you have a fresh blemish is that quite a few are silicone-based, which can clog pores to infect it and make matters worse.  

Instead, try switching out that facial primer for eye primer at this time before proceeding with your thicker textured concealer or one with salicylic acid if you break out a lot.  Since the eye primers are formulated for that delicate skin of the eye area, the ingredients are less likely to be comedogenic to clog the pores.

Another way to keep eyes off of that problem area is to divert their attention elsewhere.  Playing up your eyes with color or some smoky boldness and lots of mascara will force their eyes upward away from that blemish.

I honestly hope your face remains clear, but we’ve all been there.  At least now, these cover up tricks do help so keep these makeup tips in mind.