Friday, June 23, 2017

How to Prepare Your Home to Keep It Safe Before That Summer Vacation!

This post could help keep your home safer.

You’re probably dreaming of that long, awaited summer vacation that will be coming up before you know it. After all, you planned every last detail to make it perfect.  All you have left to do is just to up pick your suitcase, jump in the car and board that plane, train or drive with nothing left to do but relax.  Before you leave, you might want to think about taking a few extra precautions to safeguard your home from break-ins first.

 A dark house without any lights on is a clue that no one is home.  Instead, make sure some lights in your house come on automatically by picking up a timer to set them to.  

Some people like to pull their curtains or blinds completely down.  This is another sign that a burglar might look for if that habit becomes a regular thing because it looks so obvious that the house is unoccupied.   By keeping the curtains open just a little makes it appear normal as if people are still there.

You might want to think about putting up a camera to deter a burglar.  Even a non-working camera that is positioned in the right place can give anyone thinking of breaking into your house second thoughts, if they assume the camera is recording them.  

Trim all bushes that could make a good hiding spot for anyone attempting to case your house so that a potential burglar would be easily spotted.

Another thing that can help is getting some signs to stick in your front window that your home is protected by a security system or one that reads beware of the dog.  The thought of crossing paths and meeting up with a ferocious, angry dog that might be inside guarding the place might be enough to make them leave your house alone.  

Try to get the neighbor from across the street that has a good view of your home to keep an eye out for your house for any suspicious activity because no one should be there. 

Ask that neighbor or another to keep an eye out for your mail, newspaper and any packages that may be delivered.  You can also temporarily stop your mail at the post office.

Before you close your front door, make a check that every window and door is closed.  For a piece of mind, go room to room and test that latch or lock as well.  Sometimes, that window might not completely, especially if you trusted that task to one of your excited, young children.  They might not have pulled it as tightly shut as an adult or secured the lock in the right position.  

It is unfortunate that a post like this is even necessary, but it is the sad reality of our world today.  These tips that I have shared won’t end this growing epidemic, but will help cut down the risk and keep your home safer.