Friday, July 28, 2017

How to Offset a Red Face After Getting Too Much Sun!

sleeping woman with sunburned face.jpeg
The sun can be merciless for any beauty.

No one intentionally plans to get so much sun that results in a red face, but it happens.  Perhaps, you fell asleep lounging outside while the sun was going strong.  Then again, maybe you were having so much fun playing outdoors that you forgot to keep up with your sunscreen applications. I could go on, but the damage is done. Yet, you still need to go to work, only how you wonder with so much red color in your face?

Regardless of your skin tone, the best way to solve this excessive redness is turning to a warm-toned foundation.  A color with some gold will help subdue the red and balance that baked color of your face. Steer away from shades lighter than your current coloring or you will look strange and pale instead of evening that redness out.

If you are normally cool-toned, I suggest stopping by the drug store for less expensive golden foundation as a temporary fix until your complexion lightens up.  

Hopefully, you won’t suffer this summer fate.  Still, if it happens, then at least you’ll know how to compensate through makeup to deal with your red, sunburned face.