Friday, July 7, 2017

Some Simple Beauty Secrets You Need to Start Now If You Intend to Age Gracefully!

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This beauty takes proper nutrition and maintaining her youth seriously.  You can too just read the post!

Admit it.  You like your face–-at least as it is today.  Yet, regardless of how beautiful it might be, time does manage to catch up with each of us.  Therefore, you want to delay this transition as long as possible by starting now with realistic beauty habits that will help preserve your youthful appearance to glide into the future.

Your Hair Can Reveal a Lot About Age

On the subject of hair, every so often you may want to rethink the style of your cut or add color to hair once you begin noticing grays. After all, your life changes and what worked a year ago or two may take too much time to style or dry due to a long commute, a new baby or even health that may affect the texture.  Perhaps, a lower maintenance style that has less fuss to it would suit your lifestyle better now.  

Tell your stylist to make sure the cut is one that moves.  Hair that swings and has lots of shine looks younger than one that never budges. Flexible sprays do the trick just as well to keep hair in place unlike hard helmet hair caused by an extra firm holding hair spray.

If you thought lots of different jars, tubes, and palettes of makeup was what kept you looking your best, you might have gotten away with poorly applied products during your younger years. However, the older that you get, the more dependant you need to be on makeup brushes for precise blending instead of risking streaks or calling attention to lines and any flaws.

Safeguard Your Skin to Defend Against Aging

Make it a habit to wear an SPF 50 daily, not just for times when you plan to soak up the sun.  Keep a jar or tube of a broad-spectrum sunscreen in full view on your vanity or where you can’t be sure to miss it before leaving the house.  This extends even for short trips to the grocery store or a few minutes gardening. Unprotected skin suffers damage that accumulates to produce wrinkles.

Teeth Also Play a Role So Keep Them Healthy and Bright

Teeth naturally yellow as we get older.  What makes the problem worse are stains to our enamel from beverages such as coffee, tea, colas to tomato-based things and fruits like blueberries.  Whitening gels and strips or treatments from your dentist can greatly improve their white brightness.

Use Makeup Strategically Instead of Piling It On

Complexions do pale the more we age.  A good way to handle that little issue is relying more on bronzers to usher in some much needed healthy color.

Some aging women believe wearing more makeup is the way to maintaining a youthful face.  Unfortunately, too heavy of a hand and overloading products, especially using strong, bold colors can do the opposite. Instead, you can be drawing attention to lines and wrinkles while unintentionally creating a mask-like appearance.  Less makeup often can do more good than so much that appears so thick it could be scraped off with a knife.

Shiny Hair, Skin and Lips Adds to a Youthful Image

We associate shiny hair, skin, and lips with a youthful appearance.  To make sure your hair has a shine, remember always to use a shine spray or shine serum.  Skin and lips at a younger age have smoothness and glow to them, which exfoliation and shine through artful highlighting and a pale natural or even clear lip gloss could help replicate.

Unwanted facial hair may start to become a problem due to wacky hormones.  Of course, you could try time-consuming electrolysis, but you might want to invest in a hair removal device like Tria for a permanent solution. 

A Healthy, Balanced Diet Is Important for Keeping Young

Be sure to eat a balanced diet.  By doing this, you will look younger and feel better.

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