Monday, November 20, 2017

Earth Therapeutics Pure fx Charcoal Cosmetics Brush Set Review-- Keeping Your Face Safer From Collecting Bacteria

This charcoal-technology also helps keep your brushes cleaner longer.

I’ll be frank with you.  I never heard of makeup brushes infused with charcoal in their bristles until I was asked if I wanted to try them out with this Earth Therapeutics Charcoal Cosmetics Brush Set.  Being that they have #antimicrobial properties due to how the purifying medicinal charcoal is infused into the bristles, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on these.

This really is an amazing value at $15.99. 

This set is five pieces that comes in a clear zippered case that has a contouring brush, stipple brush, blending brush, shadow brush, and an eyeliner brush.  The synthetic nylon bristles are extremely soft and laser cut for precision. Even sensitive complexions will welcome the feel of this bristle against the skin.  The brushes also pick up powders or liquids wonderfully for an effortless application.

Anyone really would love the benefits and quality of this $15.99 set because it truly is a bargain in my honest opinion. Those that suffer from acne or oily skin will especially appreciate #carbon pure technology in their makeup brushes for a fresher, cleaner application since the charcoal helps repel accompanying toxins and impurities from collecting that might transfer to your face.

Cleaning the brushes is a breeze as well.  Soap and water is all you need to care for them.

The assortment of brushes in this set are just as awesome.  The contouring brush is one of my favorites because it picks up the perfect amount over a current one that I have, but I love them all.   

Make it a point to pick up the Pure fx Cosmetic Brush Set with Charcoal Bristles for yourself and any beauty lover when making out your holiday gift list.  I guarantee it will be loved.  Check it out at Earth Therapeutics website.