Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Get Rid of Clutter and Make Quick Cash

Cleaning your clutter can be profitable.

If you don't know what to do with all those toys the kids don't play with anymore, clothes they outgrew, books you've read, or simply anything in your house that you're tired of--then I have a suggestion.  Plan for a future selling day at your local flea market. 

Decide What You Don't Need and Prep Your Items

Buy several of those plastic tubs with lids and start now.  Once you find something needing to be rid of, price it, and then put it in your tub.  By the time the warm weather rolls around, you'll have those tubs filled and ready to go.

Make sure everything that you stick in your tubs are in good condition.  Clean toys bring more money than ones parked in the garage with grime or dusty books.  Don't expect ripped or spotted clothes and games that are missing pieces to sell. 

Maybe you are without card tables for displaying your merchandise.  No problem!  An old blanket, shower curtain, or spread works well on the ground.  Another solution is displaying your things from your container or boxes.  Customers love to root through boxes, hoping to get  treasures first.

Take Someone With You to Help Setup and Deal With Sales

Encourage your husband and children to join you for a nice family outing.  Kids can learn the value of a dollar selling along Mom and Dad and responsibility as a part of the team.  Allow them to help bag or watch your items.  Reward them with a set amount to search for their own treasure, perhaps, with you or Dad later.  

Your husband may not be able to come.  Take along a friend with you on selling day--and return the favor to help her de-clutter.  A second pair of eyes is helpful to watch your items  when you need a bathroom break.  

A Fanny Pack and Packing Your Own Lunch Is Helpful and a Conversation Starter 

Make sure you wear a fanny pack with enough change to catch that sale.  People usually go to the banking machine and return with twenties for you.  Have a few bundles of change: a ten-dollar bill, five-dollar and five one-dollar bills ready.  

I recommend packing your own lunch the night before.  Make a thermos of coffee or take soda.  Throw in a large straw hat and wear sunscreen.  By all means, bring plenty of plastic bags for all the items you'll sell!

Don't get me wrong.  You won't come home a millionaire.  However, you will come home with some extra money you didn't have before, probably a nice "perk" of something you never expected to find like an out-of-print book you wanted to read for so long but missed or maybe a collectible vase for that vacant spot on your mantel.  The possibilities are endless and you'll have fun!