Thursday, January 6, 2011

Need a Cheap Leather Conditioner?

Take a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on a soft cloth and rub on your clean leather shoes that you were about to polish.  Do not use this method on suede.  Allow the petroleum jelly to soak in a bit before wiping away with another clean cloth.  Once you try this thrifty tip, you'll be just as nuts about how it works to condition leather as I am.

Petroleum jelly also works well on a leather purse except not on any of the super-soft leathers of expensive bags.  Thicker handbag leather, more on the order of shoe leather that takes to shine, will work.  Conditioning with petroleum jelly can save an aged bag from cracking. Those buttery soft leathers should be treated more carefully though with recommended leather cleaners.

If you follow this simple tip, you will be surprised at how supple your older bag or shoes will be again.   You'll save your cherished older bag from getting those fine cracks in the leather. You may even skip the shoe polish for a while longer! 

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