Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Need to Unwind? De-stress Nuts style!

All of us lead chaotic lives these days.   With constantly rising prices and the current job market keeping it together can be a challenge at times.  However, I found several ways to lessen the stress.  At least, these simple tricks work for me.  I do hope you'll try them.

Sometimes, I have found something as simple as watching a funny television program will make me feel better.  Laughter is a powerful tool when it comes to stress!

A cup of chamomile herbal tea is a relaxing natural hot soother you might like to try.  A cup of hot milk also works well for me.

Try a hot soak in the tub with some fragrant bubbles and enjoy your private quiet time to relax. 

When I can't stop worrying about something, is the time I clean until I'm too tired to think about anything.  Sometimes, I have found that burning that negative energy into work can free my mind temporarily.  My advice is to exercise the problem away until exhaustion takes over.  Your tired body will fall asleep faster.  After all, tomorrow is another day.  Perhaps, when you wake, you'll have the solution.

How do you handle ridding yourself of stress?  What are your secrets?