Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something to Consider When Buying Cookware

If you're planning on buying an expensive cookware set in the near future, I suggest you plan ahead.  Will you be using a gas range or an electric one with coils forever?  As we all know, most pots can work on a gas range or an electric one with coils.  If you say yes with all certainty, then you don't have to worry.  

However, if you are not sure and could possibly want to switch one day to a smooth top or even an induction range, then you could have a problem.  Induction is slightly different from the regular smooth top electrics.  Induction is a faster cooking surface that needs ferrous metal (iron) in the pot or pan to get the induction cooking to work. 

That beautiful cookware could no longer work for you.  When cooking on an electric flat surface range without coils, it's a good idea to avoid copper bottom pots and cast iron.  They can leave marks and damage the surface if you forget while the heat's on and nothing is in the pot.  

The sales people might recommend you should only buy induction cookware for flat surface electric cooking.  Of course, the induction pot set looks fantastic. Yet, I have discovered a cheaper solution.  Bring a magnet with you to the store before you purchase.  If the magnet adheres to the bottom of the new pot, then you have a winner! 

Remember one thing, if you buy really nice pots and pans, quality ones, they will be around for a while.  If you can't afford induction cooking now, you might in a few years when they become less expensive.