Friday, May 24, 2013

Happiness Is Comfy Feet and Total Bliss Is California Footwear Company's Beach/Spa Sandals and VIP Summer Sale (Review)

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California Footwear Co

Like a lot of women, I have a passion for shoes.  When I find a great pair like the ones below, I am in my element.  I am especially excited about saving on shoes I need like the Del Mar White Grey Floral sandals I received from California Footwear Company, which is one of the eight models currently on sale.
California Footwear Company's Beach/Spa Sandal.jpeg
California Footwear Company Del Mar White Grey Floral sandal

I hate anything wedged between my toes when walking, which was just as important as pretty style when I made my selection.  These comfortable sandals also have lightweight ergonomic construction with reflexology bubbles designed to cushion feet as you step.  

You don't have to worry about tipping the scales at the airport when weighing your bag with a pair inside for vacation.  So if you're getting ready to travel, I really recommend checking out this sale because from now until June 5, the company is slashing prices on last year's popular beach sandals for up to 60% off.

Here's how the VIP Summer Sale works on those featured eight models.   Buy one pair of their sale Beach/Spa sandals and save 30%, two pairs 45% and three or more pairs are 60% off!  (Savings for that sale price show up in your shopping cart). 

Even if you're homebound and not planning any vacation, the tootsies will appreciate the open exposure being cradled and gently massaged in these sandals so take advantage of this sale while it lasts.  Remember June 5, 2013 is the date this sale ends!

California Footwear Company's Del Mar White Grey Floral Sandal.jpeg
California Footwear Company Del Mar sandals feature ergonomic construction.
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