Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Beauty Sensation Worth Your Attention! Meet My New Must-Have Lippies! Ellis Faas Cosmetics Creamy Lip Pens Review--Photos + Swatches!

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Ellis Faas L101 lip pen.jpeg
This is L 101 Lip Pen

Based in the Netherlands, Ellis Faas is a cosmetic company started by the highly acclaimed makeup artist in a line that takes color to a new frontier with her talents.  Instead of saddling us with artificial color, Ellis bases her inspirations on colors the body produces naturally.  The result means a more complimentary cosmetic when it comes to best working with your skin tone.  A prime example of such artistry comes shining through with the Creamy Lip Pens that I was privileged to review.

These lip colors come in silver bullet-like tubes that you swivel up for the color to flow to the sponge applicator.  You can control how much of that brilliant color easily enough by how much of the product you want to release. 

The two Creamy Lip Pens sent were L 101 (a deep blood red)  and L 105 (a flattering rusty brown).  The colors look slightly darker on the surface of the sponge until it hits your lips for an amazing impact with an intense shine.  At the same time, these well-pigmented pens left my lips plumped and moisturized. 

Ellis Faas L101 lip pen swatch.jpeg
This is a swatch of L101

Ellis Faas L105 lip pen.jpeg
Here is L 105 Lip Pen

Ellis Faas L105 lip pen swatch.jpeg
This is a swatch of  L 105

Lips with Ellis Faas L105 lip pen.jpeg
Here I am wearing L 105

My lips wearing Ellis Faas L101 lip pen.jpeg
Next, I am modeling L 101

I never found any tacky stickiness or experience any smearing, flaking, or escaping product over my lip line while wearing them. 

This product has wonderful lasting power.  I put it on in early morning after breakfast and kept it on through lunch without too much damage.  The lip color does come off but does it evenly with grace to leave behind a beautiful stain. 

I thought there was enough color to wear alone.  However, I thought I would do a little retouching.  Since I didn't throw that new tube in my handbag, I took out my clear lip balm and did a little retouching. 

When I was through, my lips still dripped with a slightly paler version of that haunting blood red color.  My mouth looked incredible and so inviting.

I truly love my new lippies.  If you want to discover sexy color that can effortlessly transform ordinary into extraordinary, I highly recommend looking into Ellis Faas Cosmetics and these Creamy Lip Pens.  They retail for $35 each and are now one of my beauty staples!

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to facilitate this review only--not my opinion.*