Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moisturizer Tricks That Will Save Your Face and Wallet!

Since skin care products can run into money, you need to get all their worth and maximizing what they can do for you.  Sometimes, we just slap on our day or night creams without much thought as how much we should be using.  However, you may be overusing or under using those products and receiving less of those skin benefits you need.  Therefore, you should try the following recommended amounts to help your wallet and skin thrive.

All you need of your day cream is enough to cover your face and neck.  Squeeze or dig out about an inch size amount in the palm of your hand should do the trick. 

Night creams are richer and more concentrated skin creams.  Thus, you need less.  Depending on the formula, you may want anywhere from a 3/4-inch size or 1/2-inch circle of the product in your hand to do the job.

To further make those moisturizing creams or lotions more effective, you also need to start applying them to your freshly washed skin while it's still damp.  What's important is getting that day or night cream on within three or four minutes.  By doing so, you will seal in the moisture and better help feeding your skin those nourishing ingredients.

Another way to get more action out of those products is to massage them in your skin for about 20 seconds or so.  This little trick will get your blood moving as it boosts circulation and helps push that product into your skin.  Finish by lightly tapping the treated area with the pads of your fingers for about five or six times to get those products even deeper. 

Finally, you need to be careful where you store your skin care products to keep them effective.  Keep them out of direct sunlight, the bathroom, or near the heat will prolong their life.  

Also, always check that you close the lids and screw them tightly.  Otherwise, you risk the product to oxidation and allow some ingredients to start breaking down in potency.

With a little extra care, your skin care products should serve you better!