Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall/Winter Beauty for Lips--Ecco Bella Natural Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, and Lip Liner Review + SWATCHES!

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Ecco Bella lip products.jpeg
Ecco Bella lip products

Fall 2013 signals the start of deeper, stronger shades for your lips.  Whether you prefer intense smoldering reds to make a dramatic statement, those new edgier plum colors offset with a hint of black, or the revamped shades of chocolate by way of browner nudes, Ecco Bella has what you need to pull that look off with the lip products they selected to send me for this review.

Take the two FlowerColor Lipsticks that they graciously provided in Merlot #21 (a haunting plum with a bit of gray and burgundy) and Peach Rose #12 (a chocolate nude warmed with peach for a more sophisticated neutral).  These are free of FD & C dyes, petroleum, preservative, fragrance, and gluten. Instead this formula has vegetable waxes, oils and mineral pigments for a healthier lipstick.

Starting on the left is REDvelation Lipstick, Merlot #21, Peach Rose #12, with Passion #3 Gloss on the right.
Both of those lipsticks spread nicely and felt comfortable.  You can expect about three hours before reapplication is necessary.  Otherwise, the color that is left reverts into more of a stain.

Here I am modeling Peach Rose #12.

Equally becoming is Merlot #21 along with the Plum #3 Lip Liner.
Here I'm have on REDvelation.  What I love is you can deepen for full coverage or have that beautiful sheerness for a more natural look.
In this photo, I am wearing Good for You Gloss in Passion #3.

Next, I sampled a REDvelation Lipstick.  This is dark, mysterious red that is gorgeous with a normal application or to wear as a striking sheer stain just by blotting.  The formula includes castor oil, vitamin E, and a host of organic oils among other beneficial ingredients.  

From left to right is Plum #3 Lip Liner, then REDvelation (light application as a stain)  followed by REDvelation (heavier coverage), Merlot #21, and ending with Peach Rose #12 on the right by my wrist.

Good for you Gloss.jpeg
Passion #3 Gloss
The Good for You Gloss in Passion #3 was the next product I experimented with.  This moisturizing color was a lively pink-red that left my lips shiny and stunning without feeling overly tacky or heavily coated.  

Last of all, I received a Natural Soft Lip Liner in Plum #3.  What I discovered was this liner was excellent for a smooth application and keeping my color within the outline of my lips.  Furthermore, the color was ideal for wearing with the Merlot and the REDvelation Lipsticks.
Plum #3 liner.jpeg
Plum #3 liner

Besides a beautiful array of colors available, I liked the texture and feel of their natural and safer formulas of lip products.  Though my first time using Ecco Bella products, I know it won't be the last.  I suggest popping over to their website and checking these lip products out.

The lipsticks and gloss retail for $17.95 whereas the lip liner sells for $15.95.  Browse Ecco Bella's website to learn more or where to buy.