Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IT Cosmetics Award-Winning Brow Power Perfector 5-in-1 Powder Gel Pencil (Dark Brown) Works Magic on Eyebrows! (Review)

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IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector 5-in-1 Powder Gel Pencil.jpeg
IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector 5-in-1 Powder Gel Pencil

Shaping your eyebrows takes a bit of skill.  Your attempt though is easier when you have a wonderful product at your disposal like IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector  5-in-1 Powder Gel Pencil that I received to review.  This is a fabulous eyebrow pencil for getting your brows just right being a QVC Customer Choice Award Winner to give you an idea of how well received this product has been.

Actually, those beauty experts at IT Cosmetics thought of everything by packing five products into one with brow pencil, brow fill-in powder, taming brow gel, brow-enhancing treatment conditioner, and a brow brush.  The formula never ceases to amaze me with its cutting-edge technology and ingredients like biotin, lecithin, saw palmetto, nettle leaf, green tea, grape seed extract, antioxidants, and horsetail flower extract to help you pull all those tasks off.  Furthermore, there are no parabens, fragrance, phthalates, or sulfates to ever pose a risk.

Sometimes, brow pencils can give you grief with difficulty in spreading or being thicker than you would like.  However, the tip of this pencil was thin enough to fill in where you need without looking obvious.  You can make short strokes without tugging or smearing since this formula glides on and sets completely in about two minutes.  Smooth everything over with that spooly-brush to perfect your brows for that final polish.

The Dark Brown color was a wonderful match for my brown-black brows.  Though my brows are slightly darker, this color was more an intense deep brown than a brown-black, which worked beautifully for me.
Trust me on this, IT Cosmetics Brow Power Perfector 5-in1 Powder Gel Pencil can change the way you work on your brows because it is all you need for eyebrow perfection.  It retails for $24.  Do yourself a favor and pick one up because you are not going to believe how this one product will simplify the process of doing those brows.  Find it at  IT Cosmetics, QVC.com, Beauty.com, Ulta Beauty, and the Shopping Channel!

*Disclaimer:  A free product was provided to facilitate this review--not my opinion.*