Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review + Swatches: Mirenesse Cosmetics NEW Award-Winning Lip Bomb Candy Collection

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Mirenesse Cosmetics five Lip Bomb Candy Collection.jpeg
From left to right pictured are Lip Bomb #32, #36, #35, #34, and ending with #33 on the right.

I have tried a lot of fabulous lip products, but the new Lip Bomb Candy Collection from Mirenesse Cosmetics goes beyond extraordinary.  This Australian beauty brand has created what I consider the perfect groundbreaking style for lips in this line that combines gloss, stain and lacquer in highly pigmented, vibrant shades.  

This newly launched collection is available in six fashion forward colors.  I was sent five of those to review that include #35 a captivating, bold fuschia, #32 a cinnamon-red, #34 a stunning coral-pink, #33 a juicy strawberry-red, and #36, a bright white to mix and create custom shades.  The range of these delectable colors is glorious enough to paint your lips with intensity that will mirror precious jewels.

These lippies come in a clear bullet-shaped tube.  The stunning colors showing through the tubes are pretty much what you can expect to see on your own lips.  Vivid, rich colors with intensity of a liquid lipstick are how I would describe them.  

The product has an unusual hourglass-shaped sponge wand, which picks up enough product without needing to keep inserting it.  I really thought the design simplified application nicely.

As to the feel, the Lip Bomb 3-in1 Glossy Lacquer Stain was creamy and comfortable on my lips with a slight mint taste.  The formula never made my lips feel dry or sticky, only moisturized with vitamin E and botanical oils.  Furthermore, I experienced no feathering or caking.  

Below I modeled the shades for you.

Mirenesse Cosmetics  #32 Lip Bomb Candy.jpeg
In this photo, I'm wearing #32.

Mirenesse Cosmetics #34 Lip Bomb Candy.jpeg
What do you think of #34?  This one happens to be my favorite, so perfect for Spring!

Mirenesse Cosmetics #35 Lip Bomb Candy.jpeg
This hot shade is #35.  Now how can you resist?
Mirenesse Cosmetics #33 Lip Bomb Candy.jpeg
Here I am modeling #33.

The luxurious formula can wear for hours.  However, it does eventually migrate over the course of day from a lacquer to a striking stain.

With all this going for it, it is easy to see why this new Lip Bomb Candy Collection won the Glosscar Award for Best New Lip Gloss of 2013!   Honestly, I think Mirenesse Cosmetics made an exceptional lippie here and just love wearing them.  Now I need to order the sixth shade of brilliant gold. 

Lip Bomb 3-in-1 Glossy Lacquer Stain in the Candy Collection retails for $39 each.  

I highly recommend looking into these Mirenesse Cosmetics because they will help you take a giant beauty leap toward your most glamorous self.