Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Mally Beauty’s 5-Piece Holiday Starlight Eyeliner Collection

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Mally Beauty's 5-Piece Holiday Starlight Collection.jpeg
Mally Beauty's 5-Piece Holiday Starlight Eyeliner Collection

Anyone with allergies can relate to watery, itchy eyes and the problem of keeping your eye makeup intact.  If you also suffer or have a habit of unintentionally rubbing your eyes and are looking for a superior set of eyeliner pencils, Mally Beauty’s 5-Piece Holiday Starlight Eyeliner Collection is the way to go!
As I shared with you earlier, my favorite form of eyeliner is the pencil since it is easier to control the thickness of the line.  However, choosing one with delicate eyes is not always that simple.  I discovered the Starlight Eyeliner Dark Chocolate pencils last year and continue to wear these award-winning pencils because they fit the bill perfectly.

Besides how gentle the Starlight pencils are, I love the fact that they are creamy enough to smudge before the product dries and also can double as a crease-proof shadow.  Just as important, these eyeliners really are waterproof and long lasting for many hours even through tears.

Even if you have all of Mally’s other shades of this pencil, this new Five-Piece Holiday Starlight Eyeliner Collection has five brand-new colors.  The shades are as follows: Mally’s Glow (shimmery bronze), Hunter (shimmery deep green), Toasted Sugar (gorgeous shimmery pink), Midnight Affair (shimmery softer black), and Plum Sapphire (shimmery plum and navy mix).  Now, I can brighten, widen, and play up the look of my dark brown eyes even more with these beautiful colors.

This collection also came with a gold cosmetic bag to keep my pencils in and a sharpener.  

With all sincerity, you got to try this Mally Beauty 5-Piece Holiday Starlight Eyeliner Collection ($40) for yourself to see why I am so hyped about it.  Once you do, I’m sure that you’ll agree this set is a real beauty find that you can't afford to miss!