Thursday, June 11, 2015

What’s in for Summer 2015 Nail Colors

Bright nail polishes.jpeg
Summer 2105 nail colors will play up your tan in style.   

Time to put away those pale pastels and think bright colors that can make tanned fingers and toes magnificently standout whether you’re at the pool or office.  This season you should look for hot pinks, lively orange shades,  fresh lilacs, sea colors of ocean, navy, sky, and teal blues, sea foam greens, sunny corals, and mustard yellows if you’re planning on giving those nails extra impact. 

 If you prefer the more neutral look of nudes, then nothing looks as timelessly chic as a pearlized shade of pink or peachy nude polish against a rich tan to set it off.

With so many stylish choices, it can often be hard to decide between such a rainbow of colors, so have fun!