Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Quick Beauty Rescue for When You Pile on Too Much Eye Shadow!

Heavy Eye Makeup Look.jpeg
Of course, you're not going to overdo to this extreme--but it never hurts to be prepared with a quick save!

One of my favorite features to work on is doing my eyes, especially when I get new products or see some new looks that I want to try out.  However, there are times when I overdo it and lay down way too much color to create an overly strong look.  Instead of simply taking everything off and starting fresh or trying to swipe the excess without ruining the application, I found a great makeup trick that will transform this undesirable look into something extraordinary.

All that you need is to layer some beige shimmer shadow over the eye and blend well with your brush.  This neutral pale color along with that touch of radiance manages to tone down everything very nicely as it diffuses the mix beautifully.

The next time this happens to you, I suggest trying this little tip because you’ll be pleased  at the difference one extra product can make!