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BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set Review + ($159.99-$174.99) Giveaway!–Ends June 12, 2016

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BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set ($159.99)

What can be more inviting when you are exhausted that the sight of a beautiful bed waiting for you to drop into?  With all the time we spend sleeping, the best bedding should pamper our bodies with satin-like softness and do more than just look fresh and pretty like BedVoyage’s Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set that I got to test for this review and giveaway.

I had never slept on a bamboo sheet before and was surprised at how luxuriously soft that rayon from bamboo felt against the skin compared to my old cotton and cotton blend sheets that may have been made with petroleum-based microfibers or cotton treated with formaldehyde.  The fact that BedVoyage doesn’t treat their linens with harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or flame retardants also is wonderful for allergy sufferers like myself, not to mention the planet sleeping on eco-luxury bamboo sheets.

Another interesting point that I learned is bamboo sheets have some amazing qualities like moisture wicking in case you’re hot all the time and need to stay cool.  Just as appealing is that rayon from bamboo also is thermal regulating to adjust to how warm or cold you get sleeping, which is really an advantage.

Furthermore, rayon fabric won’t hold odor or mildew. 

As you might imagine, I was excited to get my new BedVoyage bamboo sheets on my bed. Once unpackaged, you’ll notice the size of the sheets are slightly bigger than what you expecting by about four-percent or so.  The size difference is because bamboo does shrink the first time you wash it so don’t give it any thought.  My queen set, with its deep pockets, fit like a glove once it was laundered. 

However, I do want to stress unlike cotton varieties, bamboo sheets are more delicate and should be washed in cold to warm water with milder or eco-friendly liquid detergent if you want the fabric to last and avoid pilling. Don’t use any chorine bleach, fabric softeners, dryer or washer balls.  In case you’re wondering, this fabric doesn’t need hot water since rayon is resistant to bacteria.

If your washer has a center agitator like mine, then instead of throwing in sheets at the same time what you want to do is add them separately without wrapping them around the agitator for the best wrinkle control. And once the washer stops, it’s best to dry them as soon as you can also help lessen wrinkling.

Removing my bamboo sheets from my washing machine to transfer them to the dryer, I noticed they seemed rather stiff almost like a lighter canvas fabric.  Yet, once they finished drying the fabric really softened up.  On the same note, don’t worry if you notice extra in the lint trap, which is normal at the beginning for a couple of washes.

I can’t wait to see how these sheets feel when the hot temperatures finally kick in or during winter for sleeping.  Honestly, I really am impressed with them already and want to try more from BedVoyage bamboo bedding like a quilted coverlet or a duvet, perhaps, next!  

If you’re hoping to improve your sleeping experience or need towels, blankets, shams, or crib bedding, visit BedVoyage and try their bamboo bedding so you can do your own comparison test.   

Thanks to BedVoyage, one lucky Nuts 4 Stuff reader in the continental United States win their choice along with color of a Queen ($159.99) or King Sheet Set ($174.99)!

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Prize: One (1) winner from the continental USA will their choice of color and size of a BedVoyage Queen or King Size Eco-Luxury Bamboo Sheet Set ($159.99-$174.99 value!)

Dates of entry: 05/26/16–06/11/16 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time

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