Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Makeup Tips to Help Those With Oily Complexions Keep Looking Fresh

makeup assortment of products.jpeg
Making the right choices of products can be all it takes to look fresh longer.

If you happen to have an oily complexion or acne, you don’t want the cosmetics that you use to call attention to it.  Instead, you want them to work to your advantage.  Let me show you a few tips that can make a difference.

When deciding on foundations, you want to avoid oil-based products since they will only add more oil to the skin and you don’t want that.  A better alternative of liquid foundation is an oil-free or matte-finish one. Mineral makeup is another possibility since it won’t worsen acne.

Still, others with especially troublesome oily skin may also want to invest in an oil-controlling primer or mattifier to wear under makeup for additional help looking fresh.

Avoid cosmetics that go heavy on the glitter or are too dewy.  The reason this is important is because the shine they provide will only draw eyes to notice slickness or any skin eruptions.  

You’re safer with matte dry powder eye shadows as well as powder forms of blushes and bronzers without shimmers over cream types, which may turn blotchy or disappear on you. 

Loose face powders are a must to keep your foundation in place.  Try dabbing a cotton ball into the powder and press it into your skin.  This method lays down the most powder over randomly dusting it on first.  Don’t worry about looking like a ghost.  Once you finish, grab your powder brush and lightly sweep off the excess. 

Another useful product to keep in mind is oil-control blotting papers.  These can be far superior to retouching your makeup than just applying more makeup.  Your face will appear cleaner over a possible buildup that can give you a cakey look.  In a pinch, even pressing a tissue on an oily nose can help rid you of some of that extra oil.

Spritzing your makeup with a facial mist can help refresh your makeup through the day.  Rose water or a mist that has rosehip oil is wonderful for all, but more so for those with problem skin from acne or rosaceae since it has the power to combat bacteria while addressing inflammation. 

These are just a few ways that can help make sure that your beauty never flatters!