Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rimmel Oh! My Gloss Lip Glosses Review

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six Rimmel Oh! My Gloss lip glosses.jpeg
Besides a nice range of colors, you'll love how soft these lip glosses leave your lips.

Rimmel launched Oh! My Gloss Lip Glosses this past Spring 2016.  This line of 12 is capable of supplying beautiful, shiny color while conditioning lips with argan oil and vitamin E for making them feel more like a lip balm than what you normally expect.  

Rimmel Oh! My Gloss 520.jpeg
Here is 520 Rebel Red.

PR sent 110 Keep a Secret (cool berry-pink), 500 Ooh La La (cherry red-pink), 340 Captivate Me (warm peachy-pink), 430 All Night Long (deep berry-red), #520 Rebel Red (riveting red with mauve-brown) and 260 My Eternity (mauve-brown). Most of these shimmer except for Ooh La La.

Rimmel Oh! My Gloss 430 and 110.jpeg
On the left is 430 All Night Long with 110 Keep a Secret on the right side.

What I especially am fond of is the extra moisture without excessive stickiness that these lightweight glosses provide for the time I wore them. According to Rimmel, they are meant to last up to six hours.  However, I can’t tell you how accurate that might be, but they carried me through a few hours in my morning until it was time for lunch.   Afterwards, I needed to reapply like I always do after eating or drinking, but who minds when they leave lips feeling so soft?
Rimmel Oh! My Gloss 500 and 260.jpeg
On the left is 500 Ooh La La with 260 My Eternity on the right.

Rimmel Oh! My Gloss 340.jpeg
This is 340 Captivate Me, one of my favorites.

If you’re looking to make your lips comfortable through some lovely shades without spending a fortune, do check Rimmel’s Oh! My Gloss Lip Glosses.  You will like these!