Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Your Glow on!--Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Pale & Impact) Review--Photos + SWATCHES!

Disclaimer:  This post is based on free products provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own  opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.
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Mineral Fusion

Trying to find a blush to capture a realistic healthy glow that you are happy with can take some doing.  However, I received two from Mineral Fusion Natural Brands that you should take a look at for what they can do for a face.

Besides being a safer cosmetic, these mineral blushes are free of parabens, glutens, artificial colors, fragrance, and talc as well as infused with beneficial anti-aging pomegranates, white tea, red tea, sea kelp, vitamins C and E to promote healthy skin.  

Pale is the first one that I tried.  This is a soft pink-peach color that has a delicate shimmer.  I thought it gave my light skin a fresh and subtle glow that bloomed with gorgeous spring like color.  The color's perfect balance of the two tones is what make Pale so natural looking. 

Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Pale).jpeg
Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Pale)

Impact is the other shade sent.  This is a darker color with hints of red in its peachy-brown warmth that has a gentle gleam.  Since my complexion is light, I liked this  more as a bronzer than a blush.  The shade is sunny radiance and would probably compliment those with medium to darker complexions better.

Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Impact).jpeg
Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Impact)

The texture is perfect and silky for when your blush brush glides over it.  The product is neither too powdery with dust flying everywhere nor too condensed that repeated swiping is required before the powder lifts from the container with your brush. 

Furthermore, these blushes wore for hours without fading.  I put them on before breakfast and they held their own until late afternoon.

swatches of Mineral Fusion Natural Brands Blush (Pale & Impact).jpeg
The darkest shade on the right that is closest to my wrist is Impact with Pale on the left in this photo. 

I really liked these blushes and am eager to try more colors in the near future.  These are incredibly natural and long-wearing blushes that I was quite taken with.  

Have you tried Mineral Fusion Natural Brands blushes yet? Tell me your favorite shades.

They retail for $21.99 at Mineral Fusion Natural Brands website or Whole Food stores.  Do look into these and get your glow on!