Monday, January 30, 2017

Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil Tint Line Review–New Drugstore Beauty Find!

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Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil Tint Line.jpeg
Going from left to right is 200 Master Pink, 500 Pop Poppy, 300 Modern Pink, 400 Contemporary Coral, 100 Smart Pink and ending with 600 Orange Mode on the right.

Lip gloss lovers will delight to learn that Rimmel has expanded their Oh My Gloss! line to form another offshoot of those wonderful lip products with their new six shades of the Oh My Gloss! Oil Tints.  PR graciously sent along the line so that I could share my thoughts with all of you.

What is exciting about this new fruit scented formula is how extra lubricating these do feel due to their blend of four nourishing oils of argan oil, coconut oil, granite apple oil, and Abyssinian oil.  

500 Pop Poppy Oil Tint (left) and 300 Modern Pink (right).jpeg
On the left is 500 Pop Poppy with 300 Modern Pink on the right.

Besides how richly soothing these treat the lips, these have beautiful sheer, almost jelly like shiny color that you can build upon without any disgusting stickiness or thick, heavy feeling.  The shades are lively to splash lips with juicy fresh color. 100 Smart Pink (soft baby pink), 200 Master Pink (bubblegum pink), 300 Modern Pink (fuchsia pink), 400 Contemporary Coral (strawberry) 500 Pop Poppy (red), and 600 Orange Mode (orange).

100 Smart Pink Oil Tint (left) and 600 Orange Mode (right).jpeg
200 Master Pink is on the left with 600 Orange Mode on the right.
100 Smart Pink Oil Tint (left) and 400 Contemporary Coral (right).jpeg
100 Smart Pink is on the left with 400 Contemporary Coral on the right.

You will want to reapply after a few hours.  The moisturizing effect still lingers but the color does fade somewhat after a while or naturally after eating or drinking. 
modeling 500 Pop Poppy.jpeg
This is 500 Pop Poppy, a sheer red.  This is my favorite.

I did really like the original Oh My Gloss! line.  Still, but I got to admit that I do like these even more.  If you want to feel something nice on your lips while getting a splash of color, I suggest  check the Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Oil Tints.